‘Climate Crime Scene’ declared at Smithsonian’s David H. Koch Hall Of Human Origins.

Wanted for Climate Crimes: The Koch BrothersToday, the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History unveiled a new exhibit named after right-wing billionaire polluter, David H. Koch. Greenpeace dispatched its Climate Crime Unit at the opening of the $20.7 million David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins in search of Koch, the billionaire scion of Koch Industries and founder of a vast network of conservative organizations that deny the threat of global warming. Greenpeace research director Kert Davies noted that the true Koch family legacy is “one of environmental crimes”:

While David Koch’s oil wealth may get his name on a museum exhibit, the Koch family legacy is one of environmental crimes, lobbying to block clean energy, and funding global warming denial front groups.

David Koch’s political organization, Americans For Prosperity, is re-launching its “Hot Air Tour” aimed at opposing climate and clean energy policy, and is mobilizing opposition to health care reform with Tea Party rallies and false cancer ads. More at the Wonk Room.