Cuccinelli: Homosexual ‘acts’ are a ‘detriment to our culture.’

This month, far-right Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli “urged the state’s public colleges and universities to rescind policies that ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, arguing in a letter sent to each school that their boards of visitors had no legal authority to adopt such statements.” The move was so controversial that even Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) slightly backed away from supporting it. In a new interview with CBS 6, Cuccinelli says that gay “acts” are harmful to society:

Q: Do you think that gays — the practice of homosexuality — is a detriment to our culture?

CUCCINELLI: The acts are. You certainly want everybody in your society to be integrated into your society. So, that’s a focus I’d like to take, but there’s a distinction. And it’s one that the General Assembly seems to be wrestling with every year, and we’ll leave that one to them for now.

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(HT: Right Wing Watch)