Fox ‘News’ cheerleads for Tea Party protesters.

Serving its traditional role as the voice of the Tea Party movement, Fox News has been dedicating inordinate coverage today to the couple thousand anti-health care protesters gathered outside the U.S. Capitol. Fox host Megyn Kelly breathlessly reported every movement and rallying cry of the protesters, declaring at one point: “Fox News alert! … Protesters are outside and, now we are getting word, inside the U.S. Capitol!” Kelly invited Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) onto the show to ask him about the protesters. Weiner dismissed the question, noting, “The important action is going on the floor of Congress.” He added, “The important story today is whether or not there we are going to be able to get 216 votes to save the taxpayers a lot of money and provide insurance for people that don’t have it.” Watch a compilation of Fox’s promotion of the Tea Party protest: