Coulter Cancels Speech In Canada After 2,000 Students Show Up To Protest Her Appearance

Coulter Protest Ann Coulter was supposed to speak at the University of Ottawa yesterday, but she had to cancel after “organizers said security could not guarantee her safety from protesters outside.” Security officials advised that she not appear after 2,000 “threatening” student protesters showed up:

“Ann Coulter should go back to where she came from because we don’t want her back here,” shouted Ellen Ocran, a University of Ottawa student in a shouting match with a Coulter backer.

A protest organizer, international studies student Mike Fancie, said he was happy they were able to stop Coulter from speaking.

“What Ann Coulter is practising is not free speech, it’s hate speech,” he said. “She’s targeted the Jews, she’s targeted the Muslims, she’s targeted Canadians, homosexuals, women, almost everybody you could image.”

Coulter has had many run-ins with student protesters, including two men at the University of Arizona who threw a pie at her during one of her speeches.

Students were reportedly “emboldened” to protest Coulter after Francois Houle, the university’s vice-president academic and provost, sent the right-wing pundit a stern letter telling her to use “restraint, respect and consideration” in her remarks and to review the country’s hate speech and defamation laws. However, they were also spurred by her comment on Monday at the University of Western Ontario when she told a Muslim student to “take a camel” instead of flying.

Coulter has responded to the incident with her typical class, bashing the school, all non-Ivy League schools, Canada, and Muslims:

“The University of Ottawa is really easy to get into, isn’t it?” she said in an interview after the cancelled event. “I never get any trouble at the Ivy League schools. It’s always the bush league schools.”

Coulter said she has been speaking regularly at university campuses for a decade. While she has certainly been heckled, she said this is the first time an engagement has been cancelled because of protesters.

“This has never, ever, ever happened before — even at the stupidest American university,” she said. […]

“I would like to know when this sort of violence, this sort of protest, has been inflicted upon a Muslim — who appear to be, from what I’ve read of the human rights complaints, the only protected group in Canada. I think I’ll give my speech tomorrow night in a burka. That will protect me.

In the past, Coulter has bashed Canada, saying, “They’d better hope the United States doesn’t roll over one night and crush them. They are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent.” Coulter is in the middle of “a three-city tour of Canada.” She was also recently denounced in the House of Commons by New Democrat MP Olivia Chow, who accused Conservatives of being hypocritical in allowing Coulter into the country, but not British MP George Galloway.