George Will mocks Krugman’s Nobel Prize: It’s ‘in economics, not in practical Washington wisdom.’

On ABC’s This Week roundtable yesterday, conservative pundit George Will took a jab at Nobel Prize-winning economics professor Paul Krugman. After Krugman noted that ObamaCare bears a lot of similarities to RomneyCare, he tried to dissipate people’s fears about what’s in the law. “I do international trade stuff,” Krugman said, “somebody should look at a trade agreement which typically runs at 23,000 pages, right? This is nothing much.” Will responded, “Well, first of all, Paul’s prize is in economics, not practical Washington wisdom.” Watch it:

Apparently deeming himself a Nobel laureate of “Washington wisdom,” Will proceeded to offer a dose of his brilliance. “One of the ways that this simple, workable legislation is going to be made to work is the IRS is going to hire about 16,000 new agents,” Will proclaimed. That may be Will’s version of “Washington wisdom,” but it’s not true. This past week, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman debunked the right-wing myth that IRS agents are going to auditing taxpayers to determine if they have health insurance.