CNN poll: 47 percent of Americans want to repeal health care reform.

repeal-billSince President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law last week, Republicans have initiated a campaign to repeal the bill and want to use the slogan as a platform for this fall’s midterm elections. A new CNN poll out today has found that — even though repealing the law has no chance of happening — a large percentage of Americans agree with the campaign:

According to the poll, 47 percent agree with the Republican strategy and want Congress to repeal most of the major provisions in the bill and replace them with completely new proposals. But 50 percent are fine with the current law or want Congress to go back and pass something that would increase the government’s involvement in health care even further.

Indeed, many leading Republicans have said the GOP’s repeal effort is merely “a symbol.” David Frum — who was recently ousted from the neonconservative American Enterprise Institute after he criticized the GOP’s scorched earth health care strategy — said today that repealing the bill “is literally impossible.”