Price expands GOP repeal campaign: We should repeal all of TARP, the stimulus, and ‘the bailout philosophy.’

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA)Since health care reform became law, there has been a split amongst conservatives and Republicans over whether to campaign for a full or partial repeal of the bill. Some Republicans who initially called for full repeal, like Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), are now walking away from such a radical position. On Fred Thompson’s radio show Thursday, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) tried to walk a fine line when guest host Dom Giordano questioned him about “the backsliding among some Republicans.” After calling for the repeal of only “the egregious aspects of the health care bill,” Price said he wanted to push for full repeal of the stimulus and the TARP program:

GIORDANO: And then I look at Republicans saying that they may not nationwide, this is the leadership now, Mitch McConnell and others, use the repeal the bill thing, which I think all conservatives that I know of, that’s the mantra, that’s the battle cry, going into this. That’s what worries some of us about the backsliding among some Republicans.

PRICE: Well, listen, let me give you some optimism and hope. The conservative Republican majority that will be in the House of Representatives, I believe, after the November 2010 election will be a different kind of Republican. The majority of the Republican conference will be, have served three terms or fewer. It’s a different kind of Republican, it will be a new style of leadership that will demand a decrease in spending. Demand truly smaller government. Demand individual responsibility. Demand that we get within our means and also harken back to those wonderful American fundamental principles that have made us the greatest nation in the history of the world. Look, we’re not only interested in repealing the egregious aspects of the health care bill, we’re interested in repealing the money from TARP. We’re interested in repealing the non-stimulus bill. We’re interested in repealing the bailout philosophy that continues to move us in a direction that makes us all subjects of the federal government as opposed to that wonderful American liberty and freedom that we all cherish.

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Price, who first said that the GOP would run on a policy of repeal in Sept. 2009, did not explain how he would repeal the stimulus and TARP money that has already been doled out, including the $134,148,933 that has been sent to Price’s district as of Dec. 31, 2009.