Rove on attempted citizen’s arrest: ‘I wish there wasn’t so much attention paid to it.’

Earlier this week, Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans approached Karl Rove at a book signing event in Beverly Hills, CA with handcuffs, telling Rove she wanted to make a citizen’s arrest. “You outted a CIA officer; you lied to take us to war,” she said. Seemingly taken off guard, Rove later said to the audience that the event “shows the totalitarianism of the left.” Perhaps feeling shamed, last night on Fox News, Rove expressed regret that the incident has received so much media attention:

ROVE: Well, you know, what was interesting was I thought this was a well-organized event, it was supposed to be a prestige venue as my publisher said and it was the first and it will be the last book tour stop I have where there was not security. But, you know what? I wish there wasn’t so much attention paid to it. Because I had a fantastic swing through California.

Watch it: