Family at the center of Florida’s battle over gay adoption attends the White House Easter Egg Roll.

The White House held its annual Easter Egg Roll today, which featured thousands of families from all across the country. The White House “distributed 3,000 tickets to local students and 4,000 tickets to military families.” Another “250,000 tickets were requested,” leading to a total of approximately 30,000 attendees. One of the families at the event was Frank Martin Gill, his partner, and their children. Gill is at the center of the constitutional battle challenging Florida’s ban on gay adoptions. In 2008, a judge deemed the ban unconstitutional and allowed Gill to adopt the two boys — whom they had been fostering after the state took the children from their abusive birth parents — although now “the state appealed that decision and the family is awaiting a ruling from Florida’s Third Court of Appeals.” In an interview with a Miami NBC station, Gill said that receiving an invitation from the Obama administration to the event was “a pretty strong statement” against discrimination. As the Huffington Post notes, “In 2006, the Bush administration invited more than 100 gay parents to the Easter Egg Roll and some conservatives accused gays and lesbians of trying to ‘crash’ the event.”