Confused Palin: It is ‘mistaken’ to call GOP the ‘Party of No,’ but GOP is right to be ‘Party of No’ to Obama.

For more than a year now, Republicans have gone back and forth over whether they should embrace or reject the “Party of No” label that has stuck to them due to their blanket opposition to President Obama. At a rally in Minnesota today for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), former Alaska governor Sarah Palin appeared confused about whether to reject or embrace the label, calling it a “mistaken concept” right before saying there is nothing “wrong with being the Party of No” in the face of Obama’s agenda:

PALIN: When the left tries to push through policies that violate our consciences, and our values, and our Constitution, it’s Michele who is trying to get them to halt. Michele doesn’t just tell them no. She tells them H-E-L-L no. You know, here the Republicans have been getting criticized lately with this, this mistaken concept, I guess, sort of surrounding Republicans right now that they’re the Party of No. That we’re the Party of No. And we’re saying, ‘what’s wrong with being the Party of No when you consider what it is that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are trying to do to our country. So be it!

Watch it: