VIDEO: Republicans Facing An Identity Crisis — ‘Party Of Yes’ Or ‘Party Of Hell No?’

GOP leaders converged on New Orleans this weekend for the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. During the conference, a rift among the speakers opened up after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich urged the GOP to move away from their obstructionist label as the “Party of No.” The American Solutions chairman called for Republicans to embrace a new monicker — “the Party of Yes”:

What the left wants to do is say we’re the party of no […] So here’s what I want to ask you to encourage every candidate that you know, every incumbent you know, every staff person you know, every consultant you know. I think we should decide we’re going to be the Party of Yes.

Gingrich can expect an uphill battle as he attempts to re-frame the GOP as anything other than the party of obstructionism, given that the right wing seems most excited about the prospect of stopping anything Obama wants to do. After Gingrich delivered the call, it didn’t take long for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to double down on their party’s obstructionism, touting the nickname “The Party of Hell No.”

Think Progress compiled a video illustrating the Republican confusion. Watch it:

With Republicans saying no to Wall Street reform, no to an extension of unemployment benefits, and preemptively saying no to the next Supreme Court appointee, it seems the GOP could resolve its internal conundrum by sticking to calling themselves “The Party of Hell No.”