Once again, conservatives see Muslim conspiracy in an administration logo.

Earlier this year, conservatives developed a conspiracy theory in which the Obama administration manipulated the redesign of the Missile Defense Agency to incorporate the Islamic crescent as part of a “submission to Shariah by President Obama and his team.” In fact, as Richard Lehner of the Missile Defense Agency told Fox News, the logo “was used prior to the 2008 election.” Now, the right-wing has worked itself into a fit over another Obama administration logo, this time claiming that the logo for Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit has the “kind of crescent moon you see on the flags of Muslim countries,” in the words of the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin. Goodwin’s argument has been echoed in the conservative blogosphere and, not surprisingly, was picked up by Fox News. Watch it:

Here is the logo:

Nuclear Security Summit logo and the flag of Pakistan


The Los Angeles Times’ Christopher Knight explains how the Nuclear Security Summit logo actually reflects images from President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” campaign of the 1950s.

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