Birther Website WND Worries Its Credibility Will Be Hurt If It Doesn’t Get More Seats At Correspondents’ Dinner

php1BZZflAMThe far-right “news” website World Net Daily (WND) announced late Tuesday night that the organization is suing the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) for “doing the bidding of the Obama administration in trying to belittle, exclude and irreparably harm” the website, which dubbed itself, “a leading Internet news outlet.”

WND asserts that it sought to purchase three tables for the White House Correspondents’ dinner (which will take place on May 1), but the WHCA allocated the organization only three seats at one table. The complaint claims that the rejection is part of a scheme the Obama White House orchestrated to exclude WND, which is in turn damaging its credibility:

News outlets who do not get sufficient access to the event are seen as “lesser” and unimportant in the media world. […]

On information and belief, after the WHCA accepted WND’s order for one table for the event, the Obama administration and White House intervened and put pressure on the WHCA to reneg on even this commitment. As a result, and in an insulting manner, WND was then informed that it would only get three seats at the event, and not even its own table.

WND adds that the alleged snub “harmed and continues to harm WND’s ability to celebrate” the tenure of the website’s White House correspondent Les Kinsolving. It’s comical that WND thinks it has some sort of stellar journalistic record that allows it to complain of feeling “unimportant in the media world” because of its seating allocation at the dinner.

In fact, WND’s quality journalism consists of peddling conspiracies. This lawsuit is coming from a website that has been leading the charge on the “birther” movement — regularly jumping at any opportunity to “report” false claims that President Obama was not born in the U.S.

WND also “reports” all kinds of wacky far-right trash like calling for “death to the U.N.” and claiming that Obama “supports ethnic cleansing” against Jews, that he “hates white people,” and that he may secretly be a Muslim — not to mention numerous columns and stories featuring any number of homophobic slurs.

WHCA President Ed Chen said the organization “has seen countless and creative efforts to improve one’s circumstances at the dinner; all of them have been futile. This latest ploy will end with the same result.” Indeed, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington wound up getting the same treatment from the WHCA. Huffington asked for three tables for the dinner and “only got one.”