Following new immigration law, Arizona neo-Nazi group designates Cinco de Mayo ‘Report An Illegal Day.’

Yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who formerly served as Arizona’s governor, called the state’s harsh new immigration law a “shame” and said it “certainly could invite profiling” of Latinos. Now, a neo-Nazi group is trying to help Arizona crack down on illegal immigration, encouraging people to “Report An Illegal” on Cinco de Mayo:

The National Socialist Movement, which is considered by many to be a neo-nazi hate group, is passing out fliers to coincide with Cinco de Mayo.

According to a flier received by ABC15 and the group’s website, the National Socialist Movement is calling May 5th, “Report An Illegal Day”.

The one-page flier calls on people to fax or email Congress and demand that the border be secured. It also wants people to ask local businesses to participate in e-verify and to turn in people to DHS and ICE. […]

According to the group’s website, the National Socialist Movement wants each member to hand out 25-fliers.

Watch a report from ABC15 news in Phoenix:

Phoenix police are looking into the flyer. The Arizona legislature amended the law last week in an attempt to quell concerns about profiling, but a state lawmaker called one of the new changes “frightening,” noting it will allow police to inquire about immigration status during responses to city ordinance violations. As the Wonk Room revealed on Friday, a lawyer for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, who helped write the law, pushed for changes like these in order to allow police to cast a wide net to target Latinos and the poor.