Glenn Beck refuses to endorse ‘fat phony J.D. Hayworth’ on Don Imus’ show.

Yesterday, on Don Imus’ Fox Business Network show, Glenn Beck made clear that he is no fan of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) — who he refers to as a “progressive Republican” who should go “off into the sunset” after this year’s midterm elections. Nonetheless, Beck also insisted that that does not mean that he is a supporter of McCain’s opponent, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ), who Imus derides as a “fat phony” and an “undisciplined maggot”:

BECK: I think he’s an honorable man, but I think it’s for him…to go off into the sunset. […]

IMUS: You’re for that fat phony J.D. Hayworth?

BECK: Oh no I’m not.

IMUS: That fat undisciplined maggot. Talk show jock — that’s what you’re for?

BECK: No. Just because I’m for John McCain going away now, does not mean I’m for J.D. Hayworth.

Watch it:

Despite the fact that Hayworth feels that he is the “candidate of a majority of tea partiers,” tea party leadership has largely shunned him. According to The Hill, Beck has dealt a big blow to the Hayworth campaign, which reportedly indicated to reporters back in March that they were “hoping to have Beck’s endorsement.” Beck has also added himself to a growing list of right-wing tea party sympathizers who have refused to align themselves with Hayworth. However, while Hayworth might be too radical for the likes of Sarah Palin or Dick Armey, several polls show he is virtually tied with McCain among Arizona Republican voters. During his interview, Beck also defended Arizona’s new immigration law, saying that the Constitution is “not a suicide pact” and that if the government “won’t do the things it has to,” then it’s basically okay to circumvent it.