Despite conservatives’ claims, 70 percent of Arizona’s Latinos oppose new anti-immigrant law.

Over the past few weeks, right-wing proponents of Arizona’s draconian immigration law inexplicably claimed that the majority of Latinos in Arizona support the new anti-immigrant law. Some examples:

Marco Rubio: Polling has shown that Americans of Hispanic descent in Arizona support this bill just as strongly as the general population does.

J.D. Hayworth: Interestingly, a majority of Hispanics agree that this law should be enforced here in Arizona.

Bill O’Reilly: I’m not buying the fact that Hispanic-Americans en masse are against the law.

Watch a compilation of their remarks:

This morning, the nation’s largest Spanish-language newspaper , La Opinion, reported that 70 percent of Arizona Latinos “strongly oppose” SB-1070 and 11 percent “somewhat oppose” it. The study, conducted by Arizona State University, showed that only 12 percent of Arizona’s Latinos strongly support the law. Opposition to the law also isn’t limited to recent Latino immigrants who are potentially unable to vote. Approximately 82-67 percent of second, third, and fourth generation Latinos oppose SB-1070:


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