Rep. Weiner goes after Goldline and its ‘unholy alliance’ with Glenn Beck.

goldline2 One of the consequences of the successful effort to persuade large corporations to stop running ads on Fox News host Glenn Beck’s TV and radio programs is that the right-wing “rodeo clown” has been left with only small companies advertising gimmicky products like faulty “survival” seed banks. 125 advertisers have abandoned him so far. One of Beck’s remaining and most reliable sponsors is Goldline, “which has made its name profiting — with the help of conservative talkers — off fees for buying and selling gold against public anxiety.” Media Matters has documented how Beck and other conservative pundits frequently “plug gold” as a hedge against supposed economic collapse, while simultaneously profiting from ads run by companies like Goldline that sell the metal. Now, Politico’s Ben Smith reports that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is “going after” Goldline and its right-wing pundit backers:

A Weiner aide forwards his [press] advisory, headed, “‘Goldline’ Rips Off Consumers, Profits Off Public Fears, Likely Violates Federal Law.”

“The company has formed an unholy alliance with conservative pundits to drive a false narrative and play off public fears in order to sell its products”, says the release.

While it’s unclear what Weiner has planned, Smith reports that Goldline is girding for a fight against Weiner’s attack on “Goldline International and Glenn Beck.” The company has made top officials available for comment, and sent out its own press release saying, “We are not sure what exactly Weiner will be saying but we do know that it will not be favorable to either Goldline or any of the conservative personalities that support Goldline.”