Will Cantor Put A Rail Project That He Supports Up For A Vote On The ‘YouCut’ List?

Trying to show their fiscal discipline bona fides, House Republicans recently rolled out a new gimmicky website called “YouCut” that allows people to choose from a pre-selected list of programs that they would like to see eliminated from the federal budget. While the current set of five programs combined wouldn’t even come close to putting a scratch in the deficit, the program that received the most votes this week is actually a successful jobs program.

“Imagine if Congress spent less time naming post offices…and more time reducing wasteful spending,” House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) says on the YouCut site. On C-Span today, when asked if he would consider including government programs that he supports on YouCut, Cantor replied, “sure”:

HOST: Would you consider putting programs that you yourself and members of your district like in that list for people to vote on, for example rail service between Richmond and Washington?

CANTOR: Sure. We have a place for people to go online, on the You Cut site to opine as to what they feel should be the cuts.

Watch it:

Indeed, Cantor lobbied federal officials for stimulus money to fund the Richmond-to-DC high speed rail line (even though he vigorously opposed the Recovery Act), claiming that the project would benefit his district:

Rep. Eric I. Cantor, the House minority whip, led House GOP opposition to President Barack Obama’s $740 billion stimulus program.

[He] said bringing high-speed rail to the region could further spur economic development, creating as many as 185,000 jobs and bringing $21.2 billion to a region already home to about a half-dozen Fortune 500 companies and 20,000 small businesses.

“If there is one thing that I think all of us here on both sides of the political aisle from all parts of the region agree with, it’s that we need to do all we can to promote jobs here in the Richmond area,” Cantor said.

So apparently, Cantor now thinks the rail project is “wasteful spending.” Will Cantor include it on the YouCut list as an option that visitors can vote on?