BP’s name being dragged ‘literally through the muck.’

Yesterday, BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles expressed his optimism that both his company and the Gulf will “will fully recover.” While BP’s handsome profits will almost assuredly allow the company to survive the disaster, the impact on the Gulf caused by the release of 60 million gallons of oil is another matter. The ecological catastrophe will drag “BP’s reputation literally through the muck,” observes The Wonk Room’s Brad Johnson. Some images from the Gulf region:

BP in the sand
A pool of oil on a beach at the mouth of the Mississippi River on Monday (Getty)
  Damn BP! God Bless America!
A sign south of Belle Chasse, LA, on Thursday (AP)
Greenpeace takes over BP
Greenpeace protesters take over BP headquarters in London on Thursday (AP)
Beyond Petroleum?
Marine scientist Paul Horsman at the mouth of the Mississippi River on Monday (Greenpeace)