Palin gives ‘disastrous speech’ at real estate conference, doesn’t bother talking about real estate.

Palin2 Fox News analyst Sarah Palin reportedly charges $100,000 to give a speech, and has some pretty big demands, including “first-class airfare for two, several luxury hotel rooms and water bottles with ‘bendable straws.'” For this price, one might expect Palin to tailor her message to her audience, instead of giving the same tea party rant every time. But her keynote at a commercial real estate conference in Las Vegas this weekend was “disastrous” and went over like a ton of bricks, owing to the fact that she didn’t touch on real estate.” Industry blog The Dirt Lawyer’s Blog reports:

Speaking of disappointment, let’s talk about the keynote address from Sarah Palin. In short, it was a standard stump speech with a few superficial comments about shopping centers and retail real estate. It was awful and a borderline train wreck in my opinion. All Palin had to do was add in a paragraph about the pending disaster of carried interest and she would have not only won over the crowd but gotten significant fundraiser cash from the industry if she runs in 2012. As it stands, I do not know if she knows what carried interest is.

David Bodamer of TrafficCourt, another industry blog, reports “most people I spoke with were massively disappointed with Sarah Palin’s keynote.” “[M]any felt disappointed that Palin didn’t make more of an effort to talk about issues important to the industry,” Bodamer added. In her speech, Palin rolled out the standard trope about how President Obama is ruining the country with big government, and also said he is an “addict of other people’s money — OPM, which she pronounced ‘opium.'”