Rally In Support Of SB-1070 Dwarfed By The Tens Of Thousands Of People Who Protested Against It

On Saturday, “hundreds” of people gathered at Arizona’s state Capitol to show support for the new anti-immigration law SB-1070. The event, organized by Voice of the People USA — which is based on Pennsylvania, not Arizona — featured speeches by former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Arizona GOP state Sen. Russell Pearce. “More than 100 motorcyclists showed their support by circling the rally on their bikes,” and signs at the event read “Don’t pander to non-citizens.”

At the rally, the far-right Tancredo not surprisingly used the opportunity to bash President Obama, saying that he is a “greater threat to American liberty today than anybody else I can think of”:

I used to think, I used to believe that the greatest threat we ever had to this country — I remember when I was a kid, it used to be Russia with the atomic bombs, and after that it was al Qaeda — but there is somebody who is a greater threat to American liberty today than anybody else I can think of. His name is Barack Obama. He does not see the America that you and I see. He looks at a different place. He looks at the America that you and I love, he looks at the America that the Founders put together, and he says, “I don’t like that, I’m going to create something else.” And he says, when his friend, the President of Mexico is here, he says, “We are not defined by borders.” Well maybe he isn’t defined by borders. Citizenship is not important. I can understand why somebody like Barack Obama would say citizenship is not important since he refuses to even produce his own birth certificate!

Watch it:

Although Voice of the People USA claimed on its website that the rally would be “huge,” it was actually very small compared to a rally just one weekend before in opposition to SB-1070:

A huge procession estimated at 10,000 to 20,000 people marched through downtown Phoenix to the state Capitol on Saturday to protest Arizona’s tough new law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.

Marchers from across the country carried signs, banners and flags from the U.S. and Mexico, filling a 5-mile stretch of Phoenix in 95-degree heat and under the watchful eye of police.