Republican councilman behind push to whiten children’s faces on an Arizona mural is fired by local radio station.

City councilman Steven Blair (R-AZ) stirred controversy by using his radio show on KYCA talk radio to denounce a mural on the side of Miller Valley Elementary School in Prescott, AZ for “depicting a black guy in the middle of that mural.” After his rant, angry callers pressured the principal of the school to order the artists to lighten the skin of African American and Hispanic children depicted in the mural. However, the principal’s decision met public outrage, and the artists refused to comply. Now, the Prescott News is reporting that Blair has been fired from his KYCA radio job for his racist opposition to the mural. ThinkProgress recorded another rant from Blair over the Memorial Day weekend where he encouraged a caller, who said the mural “looks like a bunch of freaky illegals jumping over a fence,” to call into the school board to complain:

CALLER: Then when they put that mural up there, I was truly offended. It looks like a bunch of freaky illegals jumping over a fence with this one person with a big stick in his hand. What is that about? How did that pass muster with Prescott City Council? […]

BLAIR: Well if you’re angry about it, 445-5500 is the number you can call, call the school administration and say, ‘Hey, you know look, you have a historic building there, you’re putting on a mural that some people have called LA or New York.’ In my opinion whenever you feel like. Well, I shouldn’t say it. […]

BLAIR: I don’t care who you are what you are, but you don’t have to shove if down everybody’s throats, you know.

Listen here:

Miller Valley Elementary School principal Jeff Lane and superintendent Kevin Kapp showed up at a protest over the weekend to apologize for their initial decision to whiten the faces of the school children. When asked if he would resign as a member of the Prescott City Council, Blair told the Prescott News, “When my constituents in the city tell me it’s time for me to go, and that I’m affecting how the city does its business, I will go. I ran because I wanted to help. If I can no longer do that, I’ll step down.” (HT: Wonkette)