Hot mic catches Fiorina dissing Hannity: ‘Very bad choice’ to go on his show.

While waiting to be interviewed by Sacramento ABC affiliate KXTV this morning, GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina was caught by a hot mic taking a dig at Fox News host Sean Hannity. Fiorina criticized her friend Meg Whitman, the GOP gubernatorial candidate in California, for agreeing to go on Sean Hannity’s show the day after the primary elections:

I find it really surprising that on the first day of the general Meg Whitman is going on Sean Hannity. Did you hear that? I think it’s bizarre. I mean, she’s never been on Sean Hannity. I think it’s a very bad choice actually. You know how he is. … But why, after saying no to all these people, would you go on Sean Hannity? That’s not the one you would do. … Sean Hannity is not an easy interview, you know?

Watch it:

Fiorina is presumably observing that Whitman’s efforts to appeal to the general California electorate are going to be complicated by her appearance on the right-wing Fox News show. We can’t wait for Fiorina to explain how her dig at Hannity is simply a misinterpretation by the liberal media, and what she was actually trying to say is that Hannity is one of the best “journalists” on TV today.


Ben Smith deems Fiorina’s comment to be “great for Hannity’s cred.”

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