Steve King: ‘Radical quasi-militant Latinos’ are ‘willfully misinforming the American people.’

steve-kingToday on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) discussed Arizona’s new anti-immigration law and claimed President Obama’s criticism of it demonstrates “that he has a default mechanism in him…that favors the black person.” While majorities of Americans and Arizonans support the new law, King also claimed that even Latinos favor it and that support is only getting stronger, despite “quasi-militant” opposition to the law:

KING: They’re getting stronger there because people understand you’ve got to have the rule of law and, I’ll say, the radical quasi-militant Latinos that are leading this; they are willfully misinforming the American people. And by the way I think that starts right down the line from the President of the United States willfully misinforming the American people, the Attorney General doing the same thing. … [D]o I believe them or do I believe my lying eyes when I read the language and understand that this doesn’t…promoteracial profiling. In fact it prohibits it.

Listen here:

It’s odd that King is somehow concerned about racial profiling now given that just last month he was saying that it “had better be used” to enforce immigration law and combat terrorism. And the Iowa congressman is wrong, Latinos overwhelmingly oppose Arizona’s new law.