After making ‘American English’ the official language of Texas, GOP recruits Latinos in Spanish.

This weekend, delegates of the Texas Republican Party voted to include a provision in their state party platform advocating for an immigration law similar to Arizona’s SB-1070. The platform also proposes “making American English the official language of Texas and the United States.” Nonetheless, the first video of a YouTube campaign aimed at attracting more Latinos to the party that was launched yesterday…in Spanish. Watch it:

The video doesn’t touch on the immigration issue, but it does feature a series of Latinos listing reasons why they are Republican. A belief in “the right to liberty and freedom,” “equality,” and the “American Dream” are among the justifications presented. The video even features immigration attorney Ivan Andarza, a Rick Perry supporter whose Twitter feed might suggest that he is opposed to the Arizona law. And while most Latinos believe in the ideals mentioned in the Texas GOP video, the majority also think that police crackdowns on undocumented immigrants pose a direct threat to those liberties and that the Arizona law goes too far.

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