Sharron Angle’s energy plan: Deregulate the ‘mining industry,’ as well as the ‘oil and petroleum industry.’

sharron angleOn May 26, a few weeks after BP’s oil disaster began, U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R-NV) told a local media outlet that her solution to America’s energy policy would be to “deregulate” the oil industry. While both conservatives and liberals agree that this catastrophe could have been prevented if BP had invested more in safety and if regulators had been more attentive, few, if any, have taken the extreme view at there is actually too much regulation on the oil industry. However, last Wednesday, while appearing on the hate-filled website ResistNet’s Internet radio station, Angle reiterated her position and explained that if elected, she would ensure that “government isn’t over-regulating” the “oil and petroleum industry,” as well as the “mining industry.” Angle appeared to attack her opponent, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), for supporting the Mining in the Parks Act, a law that prohibits mining in National Parks:

ANGLE: I was just saying we are over regulating some of our industries and of course the oil and petroleum industry is one of those we’ve been over regulating and that has what has been dependent on foreign oil. And of course that dependence gets us into big troubles overseas. And, we need to not have the dependence, we need to come back and explore our domestic resources and take the regulation off. If we would take the regulation off, we could explore in ANWR, and also some of the other places we have oil reserves that we’re not doing that right now. One of the other things that Harry Reid has done is that he is stifling the mining industry right here in Nevada by using the Monument Act to keep mining engineers from going out and prospecting or exploring for those mineral resources because the regulations they have on a monument you can’t do any digging or prospecting. So, that’s the kind of thing we need to do with all of our natural resources — make sure that the government isn’t over regulating those industries and causing them to be outsourced, like the oil and petroleum industry.

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Before the news was saturated with headlines about BP’s unfolding disaster, mining giant Massey Energy killed 25 workers in a mine explosion. The mine was cited for numerous safety violations, however radical anti-government ideologues like Angle believe that the problem with the mining industry is actually too much regulation.