Citing SB-1070, Latinos withdraw applications for top University of Arizona position.

dream-act-rallyWith criticism of its harsh immigration law mounting, Arizona continues to feel the negative effects of the fallout. While Arizona businesses have borne the brunt of the impact, the state’s educational system has also faced the law’s consequences. Within a month of the law’s passage, the parents of 70 students pulled them out of a Phoenix school district, where the population is 75 percent Hispanic. In April, prospective and current students already started to withdraw from the University of Arizona. More recently, however, SB-1070 has made it increasingly difficult for the university to find a replacement for a top position available since mid-April:

The University of Arizona’s senior vice president, Joel Valdez, officially retires this week. Planning VP Bob Smith is taking over in the interim.

Provost Meredith Hay is leading a national search committee for Valdez’s replacement. She commented on the search during a strategic planning meeting last month. According to meeting minutes: “The committee is having difficulty attracting a diverse pool of candidates. The Hispanic candidates have all withdrawn, citing SB 1070 as an issue of sufficient concern regarding bringing their families to Arizona.”

Nina Bhattacharya