Rand Paul refuses to say how old the earth is: ‘I think I’m just gonna have to pass on that one.’

Last Friday, Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul attended a meeting of the Christian Homeschool Educators of Kentucky (CHEK), where he gave a speech promoting homeschooling and fielded questions from the audience. At one point, a questioner asked Paul about his personal faith and how old he thought the planet was. Paul responded by saying that he forgot to say he “was only taking easy questions,” provoking laughter from the CHEK crowd, and then said he would “have to pass on that one”:

QUESTION: Was there a point in life where you became a Christian […] and also, how old is the world?

PAUL: I forgot to say I was only taking easy questions (crowd laughs). […] I’m gonna have to pass on the age of the earth. I think I’m just gonna have to pass on that one.

Watch it:

Later in the question-and-answer period, Paul explained to a questioner who asked about his views on separation of church and state that he does think “church really should be separate from the government,” but added that he thinks “you could have prayer in public schools.” (HT: Barefoot and Progressive)