Rep. McCotter Slams Cantor For Refusing To Cut Needless Program: He’s Got ‘YouCut,’ It Should Be ‘WeCut First’

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) essentially accused his own party leadership of hypocrisy yesterday for resisting the elimination of a federally-funded group that McCotter leads, but believes is superfluous. McCotter chairs the House Republican Policy Committee, but argues that its purpose has been absorbed by other Republican leadership offices. He wants to disband the committee and use its $360,000 a year budget to pay down the debt. But Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) and others in the GOP leadership have objected.

In a rare “public reflection of a behind-the-scenes battle,” McCotter slammed Cantor on Fox News yesterday, saying he is “absolutely mistaken” and that his position is an example of “the status quo in Washington”:

MCCOTTER: Well I hope it would happen, I think it’s the first step to showing we’re about deeds not words. … How can anybody in the Congressional Republican Caucus in the House come around and talk about making difficult choices in spending for real people if they’re aren’t willing to start with themselves? […]

HOST: Well not all Republicans on board either. […]

MCCOTTER: Well, I think Eric’s absolutely mistaken in that assumption. This is all we’ve ever heard out of the status quo in Washington. The reality is all of this can be done through the existing House standing committees. … We spend over a million on the whip’s office; we spend millions on the leader’s office. We can make a small, significant step to return it.

And as for the whip, I would encourage him, especially when he’s got his ‘YouCut’ program up there, to turn it into ‘WeCut’ first.

Watch it:

McCotter denied that the battle reflects a larger rift in the House GOP, but added, “I think it’s an opportunity to just show the people who are relying on us to have learned our lesson to see that we actually have started to prove it.”