Arizona sheriff investigating SB-1070 letters warning: ‘Fair Warning, Last Chance, and Take Heed.’

With Arizona’s harsh new immigration law going into effect on July 29, the county sheriff’s office in Wilcox, AZ, is now investigating a series of threatening mailings linked to SB-1070. The hand-written envelopes, addressed to local businesses and individuals, listed the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office as the return address. Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Carol Capas assured the Arizona Range News “that these mailings did not come” from their office. The Arizona Republic reports:

The last page of each mailing, which includes the return address of the Sheriff’s Office, featured a handwritten message: “Effective July 29th, fair warning, last chance and take heed.”

Also enclosed in each envelope was a copy of Arizona’s new immigration law printed from the House of Representatives’ Web site, deputies said. … It is unclear why the mailings were sent to particular businesses and individuals.

In Utah this week, an anonymous mailing sent to politicians, law enforcement, and news media claims to “expose more than 1,300 people living in Utah as illegal immigrants,” including personal information like “birthdays, addresses, phone numbers and in a few cases, social security numbers.”

If you have received any of these letters, please send them to us!

Nina Bhattacharya