Bachmann Compares Tea Partiers To WWII Heroes, Tells Americans To Honor Vets By Donating To Hannity’s Friend

Our guest blogger is Adam Peck, the Editor-in-Chief at Stony Brook University’s Think Magazine and a summer intern with Campus Progress.

On Saturday, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) was in Long Island to campaign for Sean Hannity’s childhood friend John Gomez, who is running for Congress against Rep. Steve Israel (D) on a platform of spending cuts, deregulation, and removing political names from street signs. During her remarks to the roughly 300 attendees — including many Tea Party members — Bachmann denounced the NAACP’s resolution calling on the Tea Parties to expel the “racist elements” in their ranks. Bachmann said that actually, Tea Party protestors have much more in common with World War II heroes.

For approximately five minutes, Bachmann told the story of the Dorchester, a World War II Army transport ship that was sunk by Germany off the coast of Greenland. The most famous tale to emerge from the demise of the Dorchester centers on four chaplains, who gave up their life jackets to soldiers on board. Their bravery and courage has been retold in books and was honored by Congress in 1960. There is now even an Immortal Chaplains Prize for Humanity awarded to those who have “risked all to protect those of another faith or race.” She then compared the Tea Partiers to these heroes and said that in order to honor U.S. veterans, people must donate to Gomez:

I tell you that story on this hot, beautiful day in July to tell you: That’s the kind of people we are. That’s the greatness that we have descended from in this country. We dishonor the service and the sacrifice of men and women of greatness — those men and women who fought and died for us — so that today we will be free. Without a veteran we would never know freedom in this country. It is veterans that we owe our freedom to.

John Gomez gets that! He loves veterans, he stands for veterans, he stands for our military! And to honor their sacred memory and their sacred sacrifice, is it too much to ask that we would raise the money and go door to door, and drop the literature, and make the phone calls, and plead and beg with our neighbors? Get to the polls, because this is the greatest nation that has ever been in 5,000 years of recorded human history. And for the sake and sacrifice of the heroes that have gone before, for the sake of the yet unborn yet to come, this we must do.

ThinkProgress attended Saturday’s event and recorded Bachmann’s speech. Watch it:

Both Bachmann and Gomez appeared on Hannity’s radio program on Friday. Gomez is a childhood friend of the Fox News host, and Hannity has vowed to do all he can to elect Gomez. So far, Hannity has traveled to the district to meet with county GOP leaders and lobby for Gomez, and he has openly encouraged guests on his show to support Gomez’s candidacy.