Bachmann: If GOP wins the House, ‘all we should do is issue subpoenas.’

BachmannSpeechYesterday, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) spoke to the GOP Youth Convention in Washington. One attendee asked Bachmann about what the Republicans will do if they win back the House:

QUESTION: I might be putting the cart before the horse here, but assuming the Republicans win the House back this next cycle, how do you feel about the chances for a little oversight and a little accountability now that the Republicans would have the subpoena power? How aggressive do you think?

BACHMANN: Well I think that’s all we should do. I think all we should do is issue subpoenas and have one hearing after another and expose all the nonsense that has gone on. And it’s very important when we come back that we have constitutional conservative leadership, because the American people’s patience is about this big. […]

And this is the year, this is it. All of our chips are on November. If we don’t get it back and then starve the beast, the House – we have the power of the purse – so we can starve Obamacare, we don’t have to fund any of these programs. And that’s exactly what we need to do: defund all of this nonsense and then unwind it.


Bachmann’s comments echo those of many of her GOP colleagues calling for more investigations of the Obama Administration and a defunding or outright repeal of the new health care law. And considering that some in the Republican Party are afraid to put forth an agenda, fearing that their policies could hurt them in November, Bachmann’s remarks follow naturally. There’s no time for meaningful policy discussion if the GOP spends all its time having “one hearing after another” investigating fabricated controversies and attempting a highly unlikely defunding of health care reform.

Charlie Eisenhood

(h/t TPM)