Tea Party Candidate Ken Buck Concedes There Are Some ‘Dumbass’ Birthers In The Tea Parties

Ken BuckTea party candidate Ken Buck, who is running in the Colorado Republican Senate primary, has surged in recent polls due in large part to tea party support. Conservative activists have berated Buck’s primary opponent, former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, as the “Washington GOP Establishment funded candidate.” Indeed, according to a report from ThinkProgress, Norton has received $124,000 from NRSC PACs.

Buck, meanwhile, has based his campaign on catering to tea party interests. Among his policy positions are questioning the legality of Social Security, eliminating federal student loans, and undoing the separation between church and state.

Despite drawing much of his support from tea partiers, Buck was caught on tape earlier this month referring to tea party members as “dumbasses.” Said Buck, “Will you tell those dumbasses at the tea party to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I’m on the camera?” Watch here:

Buck quickly apologized to tea partiers for his Freudian slip. However, he has yet to apologize for his disparaging remarks about women or for calling liberals America’s “greatest threat.”


Jane Norton’s spokeswoman Cinamon Watson responded to Buck’s comments: “He’s a self-proclaimed tea partier who trashes tea partiers when he thinks no one is looking…He’s a Tom Tancredo disciple who trashes Tancredo when he thinks the mic is off. Ken says he can appeal to swing voters and beat Michael Bennet, and then trashes the roughly 50 percent of voters who wear high heels.”

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