Birther Radio Host Confronts Ken Buck, Who Refuses To Apologize To All The ‘Dumbasses’ Out There

Ken BuckColorado GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck appeared on Denver’s talk radio station KHOW. Buck responded to the controversy surrounding his taped admission that there are some “dumbasses” in the tea parties who adamantly believe that President Obama was not born in the United States.

KHOW host Peter Boyles — an avid birther himself who believes that there is a “high degree of probability” that Obama is a dual citizen of the United States and Kenya — conducted the interview. Buck said while he wished that he hadn’t been caught making that statement, “I spoke my mind on the subject.”

When pressed to give his personal views on the legitimacy of the birther conspiracy, Buck disassociated himself from the birther movement. “I think the President has provided evidence that he was born in the United States, and I don’t think the issue itself is going anywhere,” Buck said. “Why call these people dumbasses for asking you questions?” Boyles asked angrily. Buck responded that his frustration with the birther “dumbasses” is that they “dominate meetings to the point where I can’t talk about issues that I think are more important and more relevant.” At the end of interview, Buck refused to offer an apology for his comment:

BOYLES: Do you apologize for saying they’re dumbasses?

BUCK: I have said I wish I had chosen different words, yes.

BOYLES: That’s not an apology. […] Do you say, “Gee, dumbasses, I’m sorry.” That’d be great. They’d feel good.

BUCK: Well I gotta tell you. There’s seven or eight people out there, and I’m not apologizing to them. I think they were rude to me in meetings and the other people that were in the meetings, and you know, it was a very limited group.

Listen here:

Ironically, by arrogantly and self-assuredly promoting the birther conspiracy, Boyles acted just like the typical “dumbasses” Buck was complaining about.

Over the course of the interview, Boyles doggedly persisted in trying to get Buck to sympathize with the birthers, presenting one “fact” after another. “I don’t know where he was born, I don’t know what he was born,” Boyles said, adding “there are enormous problems in the so-called nativity story of Barack Obama. He has lived almost fifty years without leaving any footprints.” Boyles ultimately forced Buck to agree that “there are enormous questions with this.”