Pakistan’s U.N. ambassador: Afghan war ‘doesn’t seem winnable.’

Three U.S. service members were killed in Afghanistan yesterday, bringing the death toll for July to at least 63, making it the deadliest month thus far in America’s longest war. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations told CBS News yesterday that the U.S needs to change its strategy in Afghanistan, saying, “the way the war is being fought, it doesn’t seem winnable.” Abdullah Hussain Haroon also suggested that the insurgent attacks in Afghanistan will decrease when U.S. and NATO troops leave:

HAROON: I won’t speak for the government on this issue, because it is a touchy subject. … But in my personal opinion — I have very little hesitation in saying — that the way the war is going, it doesn’t seem winnable.

Watch it (beginning 20:00):

Haroon is careful to say that his statements were merely his “personal opinion,” as they contradict the Pakistani government’s official position. Haroon also denied any substantive links between the Pakistani government and insurgents in Afhanistan, calling the WikiLeaks documents which alleged such a connection “flawed.” In fact, Pakistan needs more help fighting insurgents, he said. Al Qaeda is in Afghanistan’s Kunar province, “why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?” Haroon asked. “They want us to do more. We have limited resources,” he added.