Beck: Unless America becomes ‘libertarian,’ it will be a ‘Third World Country’ like ‘Latin America.’

During a newly released interview with conservative media outlet Human Events, Fox News host Glenn Beck explained his vision of the “crossroads” America is at today. He predicted that unless the country makes itself “much more libertarian,” “we will be a third world country that looks more like Latin America” in ten years:

Q: Where do you see the country ten years from now: continuing down the destructive path or turning it around?

BECK: I think that is the question that will only be answered by the American people. We are definitely at a crossroads. Ten years from now, this country will not look anything like it is now. We will either be a third world country that looks more like Latin America, or we will have totally reinvented ourselves. We’re not going back to the way it was ten years ago, nor should we…So we’re either going to be a much more libertarian, smaller, faster, more mobile, which I think we will be. Something that understands that the world changes like that. And we will be a much more smaller, tighter, less, I guess they would use “imperialistic,” forcing ourself, or projecting ourself around the world. We’ll just be a much tighter, libertarian kind of community or country. Or we will be Third World.

Watch it:

Beck’s concern might be inspired by former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo (R), who announced in 2006 that Miami “has become a Third World country” because “a growing number of Miami residents don’t speak English.”

William Tomasko