After being called out for adding a white nationalist tweet to his favorites, Beck deletes his entire list.

The site StopBeck.com noticed that, recently, Fox News host Glenn Beck added a tweet by @MalevoFreedom to his list of favorites on Twitter. Others included one by @owillis (which was retweeted by @jaketapper) wishing his mother a happy father’s day, and another by @agentrevolt about how President Obama is paying more attention to baseball than “ACORN atrocities.” The @MalevoFreedom one was troubling, however, because the user writes in its bio, “White Nationalist News And Forum.” The tweet that Beck added as a favorite promoted white pride:

Stop Beck writes, “Now, to be clear, in order for the tweet to appear in Glenn Beck’s favorites either Glenn Beck or the operator of Glenn’s twitter account would have needed to mark the tweet as a ‘favorite.'” Additionally, sometime since his attachment to @MalevoFreedom was made public, Beck has deleted all of his favorite tweets.