Rep. Steve King: Democrats Are Like Pontius Pilate

Steve KingRep. Steve King (R-IA) is no stranger to hyperbole. In the past, King has accused President Obama of having “a default mechanism in him” that “favors the black person,” said that Rep. Raúl Grijalva’s (D-AZ) district may have been “ceded…to Mexico,” and described immigration as a “slow-motion Holocaust.”

Today, King outdid himself in an op-ed entitled “The American Left Finds Religion!” In it, King argued that, because of Democrats’ support for comprehensive immigration reform, they are like Pontius Pilate — the ancient Roman official who sentenced Jesus to be crucified:

For instance, do the Democrats really relish the idea of being cast as Pontius Pilate? In seeking to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants at a time when unemployment rates are already unacceptably high, can’t the Democrats be said to be “washing their hands” of the negative consequences their economic policies have wrought? I think so.

King contended that if Democratic policies been enacted in ancient Egypt, they would have prevented the Israelites from escaping slavery under the Pharaoh and instead kept Moses and his people “in Egypt in order to build Pharaoh’s temples at below market wages”:

Can you imagine what the Democrats at this hearing would have done had they gotten around to analyzing the Exodus story? Moses would have gone from demanding that Pharaoh free Moses’ people so that they could return to the Promised Land, to demanding that Pharaoh grant a “path to citizenship” that would continue to allow Moses’ people to stay in Egypt in order to build Pharaoh’s temples at below market wages.

King’s comments are particularly rich, given that 86 percent of Americans favor a comprehensive immigration policy with a pathway to citizenship, including 86 percent of mainline Protestants, 89 percent of white Evangelicals, and 92 percent of Catholics.

Religious figures and groups — including the National Association of Evangelicals, Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and the United States Catholic Bishops Conference — are also uniting behind the push for comprehensive immigration reform. Just yesterday, Rev. Rich Nathan, of Columbus, Ohio’s Vineyard Church, stated in a press conference that immigration reform is “about the only public policy issue upon which there is great unanimity across the Christian spectrum. Abortion divides us, gay rights divide us, war and peace divides us — comprehensive immigration reform unites us.” Steve King wants to ensure, however, that comprehensive immigration is politically polarizing issue.