Bush reportedly pushed back publication of his memoir until after the elections so GOP isn’t tarnished.

BushMissMe3 Former President Bush has been working on a memoir about his tenure in the White House, titled “Decision Points,” that is scheduled to be released this fall. According to friends of the former president who spoke with the Financial Times, Bush insisted that the book’s release date be pushed back until after the November elections, apparently out of concern that the publication of a book dwelling on his deeply unpopular presidency could hurt Republicans at the polls:

According to friends of Mr Bush, he resisted plans by the publisher to launch the book in September, which is traditionally a better time to maximise sales.

His friends say that Mr Bush, whose two terms in office remain unpopular among most Americans, did not want to insert himself into the midterm election campaign, where Republicans are expected to make big gains. The book will be published on November 9, a week after the polls.

Indeed, former Bush speech writer Matt Latimer recently reported that Republicans have grown “increasingly anxious” about the impact of the memoir, with one unnamed insider calling the November publication date “[m]onumentally bad timing,” and another saying the book’s release is “selfish and stupid.” But even with the post-election publication date, “details of the book are certain to leak out earlier,” and Bush surrogates are “preparing to flood the airwaves in anticipation” of the release. The former president himself will break his long silence four days after the election, giving his first one-on-one TV interview to NBC’s Matt Lauer. Bush’s publisher denied that Bush asked for the release date to be postponed, saying, “The decision to publish in November was made by the president’s publisher.” (HT: Huffington Post)