Hispanic media: Sharron Angle is shutting us out.

Sharron Angle, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Nevada, is notoriously choosy about her media appearances, preferring to appear on Fox News, where she’s been permitted to engage in fundraising solicitations. Journalists from Hispanic news outlets in Nevada are now saying, however, that she seems to be going out of her away to avoid talking to them:

Hispanic media journalists are tracking the Senate campaign alongside their English language colleagues. But the editor of Spanish language newspaper El Tiempo says in 30 years, he’s never experienced such a shutout as his team is getting from Angle’s campaign.

“We never receive information, press releases, information on the place for talking with the community. Nothing,” said Editor in Chief Hernando Amaya. […]

Miguel Barrientos with KLAV-AM says calls to the Angle campaign go unanswered for weeks, leaving Hispanic media outlets at a loss to inform the community about the issues that affect them. … In contrast, Angle campaign spokespeople give statements and issue press releases to English language reporters. […]

The Angle campaign held an event on Monday. 8 News NOW and Hispanic media outlets were not invited.

Of the 24,000 Latino voters in Nevada, approximately 7,000 voted Republican in 2006. Angle’s opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D), said he does “a call with Hispanic media every three or four weeks, just with Hispanic media. I include Hispanic media in every event that I do. Why? Because they’re a part of modern day media. Why shouldn’t I?” Angle supports Arizona’s strict immigration law and called for reviewing the 14th amendment.