Take action: Ask 2010 midterm candidates a question.

You Ask, Candidates Answer @ 10Questions.comThinkProgress is pleased to partner with the Personal Democracy Forum on a project called 10Questions, an effort in association with YouTube and Google to allow online readers to ask federal/state candidates direct questions in advance of the upcoming midterm elections. Some of the participating races include Minnesota’s 6th district House race (Rep. Michele Bachmann versus Tarryl Clark), California’s Senate race (Sen. Barbara Boxer versus Carly Fiorina), and Florida’s 22nd district House race (Ron Klein versus Allen West). There are many others. By visiting 10Questions.com, individuals will be given an opportunity to submit questions via online video or text. Once they are posted, citizens can vote on questions, pushing those they most want asked to the top. Questions can be posted and voted on through September 21st. The top ten questions — as selected by the public — will be posted and responded to by the candidates. The public can then vote on whether or not candidates answered the questions from October 15th through election day. It only works if you participate. So please take the opportunity to do so. Visit 10Questions.com.