Kasich clueless about the cost of his budget-busting tax cuts: ‘I don’t have the revenues.’

John Kasich, the “former state senator, congressman, Fox News talk show host, and financial firm manager” running on the Republican gubernatorial ticket in Ohio, has taken to calling the Ohio budget a “disaster,” and plans to reinvigorate the state’s economy by completely eliminating both its income tax and its estate tax. But when asked how much his tax plan would cost the state in terms of lost revenue, Kasich admitted that he has absolutely no idea, as the Toledo Blade reported:

Ask specifics about how and when he’d follow through with his plan and where he’d reduce state spending to offset the potential loss of revenue, and the path becomes less clear. “All the specifics on this are all being constantly worked,” he told The Blade in a recent interview in his downtown Columbus campaign headquarters. “I will lay out a program whenever I feel I’m satisfied with the program, when we understand the revenue, when we’ve worked this effectively,” he said.

Kasich was even more forthcoming about his cluelessness two weeks ago, saying “people want to know the details of my plan. I don’t have the revenues.” The Wonk Room pulled up tables from the Ohio Department of Taxation to find just how much of a hole Kasich is ready to blow in his state’s budget.