The WonkLine: August 24, 2010

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Climate Change

Wildfires are raging from Arkansas to Ibiza, throughout Greece and Croatia, and are choking Canada.

“Tropical Storm Danielle in the central Atlantic Ocean strengthened into the season’s second hurricane” and is expected to veer northeast of Bermuda.

“Climate changes because that is what it always does,” writes George C. Marshall Institute CEO William O’Keefe at the National Journal.


Arizona officials predict they’re “looking at a record-breaking year” after recovering the remains of 170 migrants in 2010, many who died from heat-related causes on their treacherous journey across the border.

CQ calls the Arizona Republican senatorial primary today “the main event for immigration watchers.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that a Latino man has sued the Cobb County Police Department “claiming that two officers stopped him without cause, beat him and then jailed him on a pretext in an effort to get him deported.”

National Security

“Somali gunmen have stormed a hotel close to the presidential palace and killed six MPs on the second day of an Islamist offensive.”

“Pakistan’s embattled President Asif Ali Zardari has warned the country could take at least three years to recover from the devastating floods that are continuing to wreak havoc four weeks after they began.”

“Israeli officials confirmed Monday that the government is in quiet talks with the United States in search of a ‘creative’ solution that will allow at least some limited construction to take place after Israel’s 10-month moratorium ends on Sept. 26.”


AIG yesterday “used $4 billion from a recent debt sale to pay back the U.S. government, marking the single largest cash repayment so far from the bailed out insurance giant.”

“Secretary of Education Arne Duncan set an ambitious goal last year of overhauling 1,000 schools a year, using billions of dollars in federal stimulus money. But that effort is off to an uneven start,” the New York Times reports.

The AP looks at the Small Business Administration’s “bungling” attempt to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: “These are stories of a mismanaged bureaucracy that still hurt half a decade later.”

Health Care

“The number of Californians who lost jobs and health insurance probably increased in every county last year, according to a study released Monday by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.”

“The composition of Virginia’s new health-care advisory panel is causing some consumer advocates heartburn.”

“President Barack Obama’s administration asked U.S. doctors Monday to get on board with health reform legislation passed in March, saying those who embrace change will prosper.”