Anti-Gay Hate Group Funds Campaign To Remove Iowa Justices

afaAs right-wing groups prepare to spend $400 million on the upcoming election, an anti-gay group has formed in Iowa to oust three state supreme court justices who joined that court’s unanimous opinion endorsing marriage equality:

Vander Plaats, who lost in the June gubernatorial primary, announced this month the creation of Iowa for Freedom, which has rented office space and hired six full-time staff members. The group plans to act like any other political campaign, with mailers, phone calls and door-knocking, Vander Plaats said.

“We’ve got a campaign to get rid of these judges. What do you think of that?” he called out to a man in a gray trucker hat at the fair.

Although Vander Plaats wants his organization to appear like a grassroots effort, the group’s website indicates that it is funded by AFA Action, the political arm of the virulently anti-gay American Family Association.  Besides selling paranoid anti-gay products, such as the DVD pictured above, the AFA has a long history of hateful and delusional views about gay people:

  • Claiming Hitler was gay: During an AFA sponsored radio program, a senior AFA official claimed that “Hitler himself was an active homosexual. . . And Hitler discovered that he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders, but that homosexual solders basically had no limits and the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict on whomever Hitler sent them after. So he surrounded himself, virtually all of the Stormtroopers, the Browshirts, were male homosexuals.”
  • Claiming lesbians can’t be justices: Citing rumors that Justice Kagan may be gay, the AFA proclaimed all lesbians unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court because “[w]e cannot afford to have another sexually abnormal individual in a position of important civic responsibility.
  • Claiming gay sex is terrorism: In a blog post entitled “Gay sex = domestic terrorism,”AFA’s Bryan Fischer claimed that gay servicemembers must continue to be expelled from the military because “the inescapable conclusion is that gay sex is a form of domestic terrorism.”
  • Claiming gay sex is just like heroin:  The AFA also believes that America must enact unconstitutional laws banning gay sex because both “homosexual behavior [and] intravenous drug abuse . . . pose the same kind of risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.”
  • Claiming gay people cause Biblical plagues:  AFA’s Maine director even attributes everything from graffiti to burglarized cars to crop failure and the absence of the sun to gay people.  No word yet on whether plagues of frogs and locusts also follow in gay people’s wake.

Though outside groups such as the AFA (and former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich) are determined to impose their hateful vision upon Iowa’s judiciary, a bipartisan group of actual Iowans — led in part by former Republican Governor Terry Branstand’s chief of staff — has formed to counter the AFA. As that group’s website explains, “it is important for voters to make informed decisions during the upcoming judicial retention elections,” not decisions based on the AFA’s paranoid delusions.