Wallace To Beck: ‘Do You Have Any Credibility Talking About Reclaiming The Civil Rights Movement?’

Yesterday, right-wing “rodeo clown” Glenn Beck preached to reported 87,000 supporters at his “Restoring Honor” rally on the National Mall. Pitching the event as a “non-political” reclamation of the civil rights movement, Beck cultivated an air of revival and sold the crowd on “a religious brand of patriotism.” “America today turn’s back to God,” he proclaimed.

Today on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace waded into Beck’s psyche to try to clarify Beck’s true beliefs. Noting Beck’s claim that “divine providence” allowed him to reclaim the civil rights movement from “racial politics,” Wallace asked Beck about his previous declaration that President Obama was racist and wondered if he has any credibility “reclaiming the civil rights movement” because of that statement:

WALLACE: After that, do you have any credibility talking about reclaiming the civil rights movement?

BECK: …Now I’ve addressed this comment a million times and in fact I think I amended it this week that what I didn’t understand at the time was the influences on President Obama. And you know, the white culture, read his own books, he writes about the white culture and how he struggled with it, etc., etc.

Beck later said he regretted calling Obama a racist and that the real problem with the President is his alleged belief in “liberation theology.” When Wallace then noted that Beck called President Obama’s faith “a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” and wondered who made him “the God Squad,” Beck called the President “demonic”:

WALLACE: You said recently that the reason that a growing number of Americans don’t think President Obama is a Christian is because they don’t recognize the faith that he is practicing and in fact you even called it a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And you know I respect you and I say this affectionately but who made you the God Squad?

BECK: Oh, nobody made me the God Squad. The pope even said, this is Pope Benedict, that it is demonic not divine when theology crosses into the line of doing that which only the divine can do. He was speaking specifically about liberation theology.

Watch it:

Though Beck has indulged in tying President Obama to the Lucifer before, he insists he’s not a member of the “God Squad.” Noting that Beck is also not a “newsman,” “preacher,” or “politician,” Wallace finally asks Beck, “What are you?” In response, Beck offered a rambling response, calling himself a “concerned citizen” who “didn’t know his butt from his elbow” 15 years ago, and now “wants to figure out what the real truth is and inconsistencies bother me.”


Media Matters also notes that during his interview with Wallace, Beck dismissed the economic agenda associated with Martin Luther King’s march 47 years ago, and said that Christians don’t recognize Obama’s faith.

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