Charlie Crist Flip Flops On Constitutional Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage

Just days after flip flopping on his support for the health care law, Gov. Charlie Crist (I-FL) had to clarify his stance on a federal amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Crist has supported efforts to ban gay marriage in the past. And on Sunday, when asked if he is “still in favor of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage,” Crist signaled that he was:

HENRY: Another big issue, same-sex marriage. Many conservatives like Marco Rubio support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. But this week, the former Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman came out and said he’s gay and he called on conservatives to kind of move to the political center and be more tolerant on this issue. You have previously said in your gubernatorial campaign, you supported a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Now that you’re trying to occupy the political center, are you still in favor of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage?

CRIST: I feel the same way, yes, because I feel that marriage is a sacred institution, if you will. But I do believe in tolerance. I’m a live and let live kind of guy, and while I feel that way about marriage, I think if partners want to have the opportunity to live together, I don’t have a problem with that. […]

HENRY: But governor, doesn’t it sounds like you having it both ways by saying live and let live, but I also support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. If it’s live and let live, why would you ban same-sex marriage?

CRIST: Well, everything is in a matter of degree, Ed, and when it becomes to the institution of marriage, I believe that it is between a man and a woman, it’s just how I feel.

Watch it:

Hours later, Crist clarified his statement, saying that while does not support a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, he still opposes same-sex marriage. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Crist has changed his position on LGBT issues.