Wisconsin GOP Blasts Dem Candidate For Holding A ‘Super-Secret Fundraiser’ With Pelosi That Never Existed

PelosiBarrettLast month, CQ reported that Republican strategists are advising their candidates “to target Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)” as a midterm election strategy. Indeed, Republican candidates across the country are heeding that advice. Alabama GOP House candidate Martha Roby said, “With Nancy Pelosi in charge, we can expect Cap and Trade and more to come down [the] pike.” Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) PAC said she “is committed to helping retire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and there is no better place to start than in Minnesota.”

The Wisconsin GOP state party, however, is taking the Pelosi-bashing strategy a little too far. It sent out a false press release yesterday stating that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett hosted a “Super-Secret Fundraiser” with Pelosi. “Since cameras weren’t allowed at the event, the Republican Party of Wisconsin has provided an artist’s rendition of the event,” stated the release, which featured the amateur photoshopped picture to the top right.

But, as the AP reports, “Problem is, there was no fundraiser”:

The Wisconsin Republican Party is blasting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett for a fundraiser with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that never happened.

The state GOP sent out a press release Wednesday saying Barrett hosted a “super secret” fundraiser with Pelosi on Tuesday night but didn’t want to admit it. Their release showed drawings of Pelosi handing Barrett a bag of money. […]

Spokesman for both Barrett and Pelosi confirmed to The Associated Press that it didn’t occur.

Republican Party spokesman Andrew Welhouse says he thought the fundraiser happened because he heard about it on Milwaukee talk radio.

The Wisconsin GOP apparently took this anonymous letter from a radio station listener as credible enough evidence to issue the press release.

About an hour after the Republican Party of Wisconsin sent out its initial press release, it sent a follow-up from spokesman Andrew Welhouse stating: “[T]he two did not meet for the purpose of a fundraiser, the RPW is retracting its statement on Pelosi’s visit.”