Paranoid Palin Hunts For Media ‘Moles’ At Montana Speech

Palin3 Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is never shy about bashing the “lamestream media,” concocting conspiracy theories about its bias, and pioneering a media strategy that keeps her as far away as possible from tough questions. Palin’s speakers contract stipulates that journalists are only allowed to record the first three minutes of her remarks, and that all other recording devices, including cell phones, be banned. Palin’s paranoia about the press was on full display Sunday at an event in Missoula, MT, during which she worried there were journalist “moles” in the audience:

During her talk, Palin at times deviated from her awe-filled words of faith to take swipes at the media – at one point proclaiming that “moles” were in the audience texting about her belief in prayer and taking it all out of context, as per usual.

Palin also said, “Be careful. There may be some media that sneaked into the room.” In response, the editor of The Missoulian, which reported Palin’s comments, said her reporter had credentials to cover the speech and “didn’t sneak in or out.” Palin’s comments are “intended to create distrust of the professional journalists…who take their jobs very seriously and work hard to accurately and fairly report the news,” editor Sherry Devlin said. (HT: GOP12)