O’Donnell Tells Scarborough She Can’t Come On His Show For ‘Family’ Reasons But Then Appears Everywhere Else

Christine O’Donnell, the new GOP nominee for Senate in the state of Delaware, made the rounds this morning on the talk shows. She was on CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC, but she refused to go on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Host Joe Scarborough — a former Republican member of Congress — explained that O’Donnell’s campaign lied to him about their reason for not appearing. She told us that “she couldn’t come on the show because she’s busy…and she wants to be with her family,” he said, proceeding to list the various other shows she did appear on. He then sarcastically remarked, “Maybe we can get her after she wins that Senate campaign. Oh wait…” Watch it:

Why would O’Donnell’s campaign team choose to refuse to go on Scarborough? Perhaps due to petty anger over Scarborough’s criticism of them. Yesterday on his show, Scarborough said that O’Donnell’s surge shows the GOP is a party that needs to “grow up.” And leading off this show this morning, Scarborough joked that O’Donnell’s victory last night was in essence a statement by the GOP: “No, we don’t want power.” He also said he “blames Sarah Palin” for “doing the reckless political thing” and endorsing O’Donnell.