The Christine O’Donnell Digest: Everything You Wanted To Know About Her (And Some Things You Didn’t)


Newly-minted Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell was virtually unknown nationally until her upset victory over Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) this week. But as the national media’s spotlight has descended upon the tea party darling, bizarre and troubling statements from her past have poured out one after another.

Even former Bush adviser Karl Rove raised concerns about O’Donnell’s “nutty” comments and dubious professional history. O’Donnell has run several failed campaigns over the past decade, and has a “long history of publicly promoting what might pass for Victorian sexual mores” for a parade of far-right Christian groups. Indeed, O’Donnell has offered her views on everything from the role of women in the Lord of the Rings — “I aspire to be soft…like Arwen, but realistically I’m a fighter like Eowyn” — to “freak dancing” (it leads to “date rape”).

Combing through the past 20 years of O’Donnell’s public record, ThinkProgress has put together a new report: The Old Adventures of New Christine — a digest of O’Donnell’s own words on everything we have learned about her.

While O’Donnell has said her thinking has “matured,” the digest provides important insight into her world-view and past advocacy. We’ll continue to update the digest as more information comes out, so let us know in the comments section if there’s anything we missed.

Check out the O’Donnell digest here.